Exposure Unit

How To ScreenPrint T-Shirts Video

Learning To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts Nice little video showing the basics for printing t-shirts.  Some of these basics include: Choosing a silk screen and where to get it How to apply light sensitive emulsion Light sources to burn the screen.  (They show an exposure unit like the one I built) CLICK HERE How […]

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How Long Do I Expose My Screen For?

This is a question I get a lot.  Any my answer is, That depends.  Many things factor into the equation of how long to expose the screen for like, screen mesh, type and age of emulsion, type of lamps in the exposure unit, how old that lamps are, and the list goes on.  So what […]

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Exposure Unit F20T12-BL UV Lamps

F20T12-BL are black light lamps used in screen printing exposure units.

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