Livingston Systems Four Color Press Review

On the road to Livingston Systems

I have been using my home-built screen printing press for awhile now and have learned allot with minimal investment. I will continue to use my home-built for non-textile stuff like bumper stickers, signs, etc. So I have been shopping for sometime for a press that I would purchase when I was fairly sure I would be sticking with screen printing for awhile. I have a few challenges with my work space. I work in the basement and have limited space. I also have three 28″ doors and a narrow flight of stairs to navigate. That pretty much ruled out the floor model if I wanted any space left for anything else. I decided since I do small quantity mostly 1-2 color and 1-4 spot color max, I would go with a 4 color bench press. I had it narrowed down to 3 manufactures and then down to Livingston Systems. I liked the price and the quality of construction (at least what I could tell from their web site pictures).

John Livingston invited us down, so My son and got in the car and headed off on the 4 hour trip south to Hagerstown, Indiana. When we arrived, John invited us in to take a tour of their facility. In the shop we met Dale. Dales has been there over 15 years producing screen printing presses, he knows his stuff. John is also very knowledgeable and has come up with some ingenious designs. John had a press set up and we played with it for a bit, I was very impressed with the design and strength of it. My son and I spent almost three hours going through the shop (I am a machine/welding buff) and the different accessories like their Hat Champ, Jacket Champ and Sports Champ.

Too say the least I was very impressed. So impressed in fact, I went down to pick up just two colors (it’s expandable) and ended up with all four colors and micro’s
for $799 complete.

Livingston Systems is a true American company that truly takes pride in what they are producing, I could tell they were very proud of there systems. It’s John and Dale manufacturing (all in house from machining to paint) no subbing to out side vendors. If you have a question or need something you just call John or Dale, they built it and they can help. No huge corporation. I like that. Again I would like to thank John and Dale for putting up with us and
answering all of our questions for nearly 3 hours!! I was truly impressed and happy we made the 8 hour round trip.

Livingston 4 color press 1
All parts needed for 4 color 1 station bench press with micro’s. The two smaller boxes are micro’s assemblies.The parts are packaged very well. I work in the basement and have limited space and 28″ doors.It was easy to get these parts down the narrow stair verses a full size floor press.

Livingston 4 color press 2

Livingston 4 color press 3

Everything laid out for assembly.  Parts are powder coated with a nice durable finish, And I like the shade of blue.

Livingston 4 color press 4

Micro assemblies arrived ready to bolt on.

Livingston 4 color press 5

All parts in sealed plastic bags with label for contents and figure number corresponding to instruction book.

Livingston 4 color press 8

Bench Brackets Installed.

Livingston 4 color press 9

Head Installed. Nice fit, very tight tolerances

Livingston 4 color press 10

Livingston 4 color press 11

Lower ring installed.

Livingston 4 color press 12

Lift Spring Assembly.

Livingston 4 color press 13

Livingston 4 color press 14

Printer arm assemblies.

Livingston 4 color press 15

Printer arms installed.

Livingston 4 color press 16

Livingston 4 color press 17

Micro heads bolted on.

Livingston 4 color press 18

Livingston 4 color press 19

Livingston 4 color press 20

15″x15″ platen installed.

Livingston 4 color press 21

Press ready for action.