Home Built Four Color Screen Printing Press

I got the idea for the home built four color press from the Book How to print t-shirts for fun and profit

Getting into screen printing doesn’t have to break the bank. Allot of the equipment can be built at a considerable savings. It will of course take some basic skills but nothing too tough. I always tell beginners that if you decide to use home built equipment, you may need to have more patients with the learning curve. Screen printing is one of those things that looks easier than it is.. and when you introduce more variables (IE:poorly built, equipment) into the mix, learning can be more painful. The screen printing press is probably the most unforgiving piece to build. The press needs to be built straight and true (like a airplane). Take your time, do a good job and you will end up with a nice press, do it wrong and you will be hating screen printing in no time.

Home built four color screen printing press 1

Home built four color screen printing press 2

Home built four color screen printing press Jiffy Hinges

The hardest thing to find was the Lazy Susan bearing. It needs to be very tight with no slop. Any movement would cause registration problems. I found exactly what I was looking for at www.woodcraft.com

The Part number is “03M51″ and the price was $6.99 This is a heavy duty 7” Heavy 12 gauge steel plate and runs smoothly on a full ball-bearing race. Perfect for the screen printing press.

Home built four color screen printing press lazy susan bearing

I have gotten a lot of requests for plans on this uv exposure unit.  I got the plans from the Book <em><strong>”How to print t-shirts for fun and profit”</strong></em>

<em><strong> </strong></em><a href=”http://www.screenprintingguy.com/a2″>You can get it here from Amazon.com</a>