Screen Printing Guy – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have plans for the stuff you’ve built?

At this time I don’t have any plans. I referenced online sources and the book  “How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit” by: Scott Fresener. The book is very helpful and I highly recommend it. click this links for books

In the future I may put some plans together for my versions of the things I have built.

What light fixtures did you use in the exposure unit? And where can I get them?

The light fixtures are standard 2 foot (24 inch) 2 tube Metalux from Lowes home improvement store. I recommend these commercial fixtures that use a standard ballast rather than a starter found in cheap $7 fixtures. (they have no ballast) You can also get the lamps and fixtures in a 4 foot version if you want a larger exposure area.

What uv lamps did you use in the exposure unit? And where can I get them?

I special ordered the lamps from a local lighting supplier. The lamp designation is “F20T12BL” is the standard designation for 2 foot, T12 mount, black light. You can also order online just google “F20T12BL” (the 4 foot version is F40T12BL)

Can I use regular black lights I bought from the department store?

No, the black light lamps you pick up from the local department store(which are dark colored and make you white cloths look cool) filter the UV so it won’t damage your eyes, etc. The emulsion we use is sensitive to uv rays. The uv cures the emulsion and hardens it. So if you have lamps that filter out the uv it won’t cure the emulsion and it will wash out of the screen.

Where did you get the shower stall

I bought the shower stall at Menards, a home improvement store near me. It has been about 7 years and I don’t know if they still carry them. If you google “econo shower stall” you will get some results that may help you find one.

What material do you use for your water filter screens?

I use regular 125 screen mesh for the filter screens. You can strip the mesh off an old screen or pick up some from your supplier. The screens have to cleaned often because the emulsion will build up on them and the water won’t flow through. You may also want to try a more course mesh as an experiment, maybe a 60. I have not had an opportunity to do this.