Holding Down The Screen and Artwork On The Exposure Unit

Most of the commercial screen printing exposure units have a vacuum blanket made of rubber.  The screen is positioned on the unit and then a vacuum blanket is closed and clamped down.  A vacuum pump then removes all the air and the rubber molds around the screen and that put pressure down on the artwork […]

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Before you buy a YuDu Screen Printing Machine

If you are thinking about buying a YuDu screen printing machine watch this first!! Before I start I want to throw out a couple of disclaimers in the spirit of full disclosure. 1. I have never used a YuDu screen printing machine 2.I have no relationship with and I have never used the screen printing […]

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Epson R1800 Printer For Art Transparencies

R1800 Printer For the past couple of years I have been using a Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Inkjet Printer The Ink: The ink supplied with the printer is great for picture printing but not for screen printing art.  It also will burn through a stock ink cartridge in no time.  I installed a bulk ink […]

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