This Shopify video covers starting your own designer T-Shirt business online. If you have ever thought about starting your own online e-commerce store, this is your chance to get it done. Let me know how it goes if you do it.


This is a good video of a working screen printing shop. Christine in the video started in her basement so that’s cool to see the progression. There is an offer for her book as well. I have not bought the book but I am thinking about picking it up. Have a look.


This is an entertaining How To Screen Print video made by Bob Campbell.  Bob runs a screen printing business part time working in his basement.   Check out his video.


This video by Ryonet goes over the basics of How To Screen Print.


Most of the commercial screen printing exposure units have a vacuum blanket made of rubber.  The screen is positioned on the unit and then a vacuum blanket is closed and clamped down.  A vacuum pump then removes all the air and the rubber molds around the screen and that put pressure down on the artwork attached to the screen.  I have also seen some home made versions that look like they work pretty good also.

I haven’t built a vacuum blanket yet for my exposure unit so I hold it all down with weight.  I bought a piece of 1/4″ plate glass from the glass shop and I put that down inside the screen frame and then put a piece of Styrofoam on top of that.  Then I put a weight plate and a water jug or a full laundry detergent container on top of all that to add more weight.  It works good.  I am going to build a vacuum blanket some day and that will replace the weight.   So, I made a video to help explain what I tried to describe above. 🙂



This video will give you the basic overview of how the screen printing process works.

Once you watch this video, you will have a general understanding of how all the components come together.

Advanced Artist has created 3 free Corel tutorial videos.  Check em out, free is a good price.

Tutorial 1 – Off the Charts Nasa Resort Style Design in Minutes.

Tutorial 2 – High-End Color Separations in Minutes.

Tutorial 3 – Easy Raster Effects for High-End Designs and Separations. have posted a video on the “Introduction to CorelDRAW X6 for Beginners”

This video is a part of a complete Corel X6 tutorial training series.  It is amazing what these folks give away for free.  I have been watching their videos for years and have purchased their products.  It  is great stuff.   I am going through the tutorials to also learn about CorelX6.

Check Out The Video. Click Here..

Check out this good over view of silk screening posters and shirts by No Media Kings It goes through the basic steps of screen printing.


This video tutorial by will show you how to install and setup brushes in CorelDRAW.