How To ScreenPrint T-Shirts Video

Learning To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts
Nice little video showing the basics for printing t-shirts.  Some of these basics include:

  • Choosing a silk screen and where to get it
  • How to apply light sensitive emulsion
  • Light sources to burn the screen.  (They show an exposure unit like the one I built) CLICK HERE
  • How to burn the screen
  • Washing out the screen
  • How to print the image on the t-shirt

As a bonus, the video will show you how to add LED lights and sounds to your t-shirt.

Check it out…


Catspit Productions

This video is so fun to watch! It gets mad views on YouTube all the time. Cool stuff!


Screen Printing your own shirts!! Wow that is really something to behold.

clothing blanks wholesale

Besides the t-shirts with LED lights and sound, how much care do you have to take with shirts made through screen printing? Are the shirts safe to dry in the dryer or do you need to air dry them? Also are you able to iron the shirt or will that ruin the design?

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