Vastex Screen Printing Art Class

Vastex is holding a screen printing art class in Allentown, PA on April 10 and again on August 21, 2010
The  class is Instructed by Douglas Grigar Industry Trainer & Master Screen Printer.

I have never been to a vastex class and cannot vouch for the training but I do use their equipment and have been happy with the company.  I am thinking about maybe attending a class and thought I would pass along this information.


Some information below from Vastex:

“If you are a graphics professional or heavily involved in the art-to-positive graphics process, this full day art production workshop was designed for you.”
-Douglas Grigar

Class Outline…

– Reviewing vector drawing and Photoshop programs
– Basic positive and stencil needs
– Choosing the right positives and printer for your needs
– Understanding, Preparing, and printing color separations
– Printing positives and positives overview
– Dots and “halftones”
– Matching art to mesh and stencil
– Dealing with customer provided or outside art
– Screen printing limitations on graphics
– Art-to-print concepts and terminology (choke, trap, butt, what they are and when and how to use them)
– The effects of garment color on printed graphics and how to use that to your advantage
– Under-base or underlay colors
– Overview of four color process
– Overview of spot colors and “spot process/simulated process”
– Design tips for graphics on garments
– Effects of mesh and emulsion on printed graphics
– Open forum to answer session specific to art production

Want more info or need to register?
Call 1-800-4-VASTEX or Email Us

Price $195 per person
April 10 or August 21
9am-5pm (approx)
Location: Vastex Factory
1032 N. Irving St. Allentown, PA 18109
Laptops are welcome but not required.

Prerequisite: A basic working knowledge of  vector drawing and photo- manipulation programs is necessary. I.E. Corel or Illustrator. With your own knowledge base to build upon, this workshop will help you understand the specific graphic needs for screen printing.
Need more details?…

We are hosting this class in response to the overwhelming demand we have received over the years for an advanced, technical class covering the process and demands of graphics production specific to the needs in the screen printing industry.

This graphics course goes into much greater detail than time can allow for in our full three-day screen printing class on art subjects.  Douglas’ full day screen printing art production workshop expands upon the art needs information from our full three-day course by offering specific detail about art production for screen printing.

This workshop is a very casual round-table type of conversation on your needs with a projected computer screen review of specific issues and direct action to question review of steps and tips for art production. Students are encouraged to ask Douglas detailed, technical questions. Feel free to bring your art questions to the class in order to take full advantage of this workshop. This subject requires open dialogue between the students and instructor and any questions enhance the entire classroom experience.

Over the last decade Vastex has hosted screen printing education expert and technical authority, Douglas Grigar. Douglas’ career in art production started well over 25 years ago and he has combined his art production experience with his screen printing production experience to become the most trusted and popular printer’s advocate in the industry.


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Vastex makes some good equipment. I actually sell some of their stuff. I wouldn’t mind having a Vastex press at all! LOL…


Are there any classes, besides the videos for beginners using Corel draw?

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