Holding Down The Screen and Artwork On The Exposure Unit

Most of the commercial screen printing exposure units have a vacuum blanket made of rubber.  The screen is positioned on the unit and then a vacuum blanket is closed and clamped down.  A vacuum pump then removes all the air and the rubber molds around the screen and that put pressure down on the artwork attached to the screen.  I have also seen some home made versions that look like they work pretty good also.

I haven’t built a vacuum blanket yet for my exposure unit so I hold it all down with weight.  I bought a piece of 1/4″ plate glass from the glass shop and I put that down inside the screen frame and then put a piece of Styrofoam on top of that.  Then I put a weight plate and a water jug or a full laundry detergent container on top of all that to add more weight.  It works good.  I am going to build a vacuum blanket some day and that will replace the weight.   So, I made a video to help explain what I tried to describe above. 🙂


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