Screen Printing Blog First Post

  I get a lot of email with questions about details on screen printing, building the equipment, supplies, etc.   So I am starting this blog to help communicate ideas better.

The one question I do get asked allot is if I have plans for the equipment I have built?  The answer right now is no.. I don’t have plans because I build stuff on the fly 🙂  Not the best way but it works for me.  I am going to try to get plans together soon.  It is a big job and I need to get motivated to do it..

stay tuned for more..



Catspit Productions

You have some excellent home made equipment. Looks like very nice work. Thanks for networking with me. Your website and blog are very cool.


Cool blog! I wish I found out this blog earlier. We specialize in screen printing. Also, we make Embroidery, Signs & Banners, Eco-Friendly Printing, Vehicle Graphics.

Check it out our designs:)

Business card man

Ahha, just what i need for my business. Is it possible to screen print on business cards? I was asked this question until i saw this..

Vehicle Wraps Portland

Goodluck to your business. Don’t let it wait too much. Invest on your business asap and do what it takes to propel your business. Strike the iron while it’s hot.


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