Starting A Screen Printing Business By EscaVlog

If you have ever thought of starting a screen printing business this video gives some good tips. Esca is a great example of someone who started out small building his own press and exposure unit. It don’t take much money to get started but, it takes work creativity and persistence. Have a look.



Useful video. Thanks for the insights.

-Part-owner of a screen printing startup


nice video thank you


Hey Esca,
Thanks for posting this vid it has been very helpful. I do have an issue I was wondering if you could help with though. I want to start a screen printing shop, have all the means to do it, in such a small town where jobs are so rare though, if I have any kind of success I fear that people with copy me. Is there any way that I could ward off some of this unwanted competition?


Saw other videos of this guy on youtube, some valuable information for those in the tshirt screen printing field. Thanks for the post!

Dick Donker

Nice way to present screenprinting and your experience in setting up your business to the world. Liked it 🙂

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