How to Separate Gradients for Screen Printing Using Halftones Tutorial

3 Roads Blog has created a tutorial on Separating Gradients for Screen Printing Using Halftones. Click here To Check It Out


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Screen printing has become the modern go-to printing technique. But when your beautiful design includes gradients, preparing your artwork for print quickly becomes an unexpected nightmare. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


Bennie Ginter

I was told that screens for each color had to be stretched on seperate angles.
How do I that?

Innovative Ink

Sweet tutorial…keep up the great work on the blog guys.

steve woods

We did alot of tests with halftones and stochastic dot structures through 43T and 62T screens across 20 – 30 different types of fabric. Each time we’d determine if the weave or knit of the fabric was yet another part of a conflicting matrix creating a moire or not.
There is a rule with film design and in general artists will play with this a little – ‘the rule of 45o’ I found the best result with a halftone was 45o for one or the most dominant colour and stochastic 18 – 25 (I’ve printed as low as 8) …. any finer and was hard to consistently reproduce ….. We’re all waterbased here.

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