I joined the t-shirt forums

I signed up to the t-shirt forums. “screenprintguy99” Looks like a good place to find some good information. If your on there.. drop me a line and I can add you as a friend

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Spokane Screen Printing

The T-shirts forums are a great resource. I ending up buying my printer and film based on recommendations from the forum and I’ve loved my setup.

I bought an Epson 1400 and use Victory Factory film, in case anyone’s interested.


Hello Fellow Screen Printer! My name is Greg and I am releasing a series of PODCASTS that I hope you find enjoyable to listen to. I record them on Maui, and talk about the ins and outs of life, screen printing challenges, and advice from screen printers around the world. You can listen to these by clicking one of the links below. The first is for iTunes subscribers, the second for those without an apple account. Give ‘em a play at the shop today! plus I would like your feed back- you can put your company name on any replies.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mauibred/id415149374 for iTunes or iPod

http://mauibred.podbean.com/ for quick listening without iTunes

Thanks- and if you like them, could you put a link on your website?
(I have an interesting podcast about t-shirt forums)

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