Before you buy a YuDu Screen Printing Machine

If you are thinking about buying a YuDu screen printing machine watch this first!!

Before I start I want to throw out a couple of disclaimers in the spirit of full disclosure.

1. I have never used a YuDu screen printing machine

2.I have no relationship with and I have never used the screen printing machine built by Lee (the guy in the video).  I have watched a lot of his videos and he does have some good information about screen printing.

But that’s not the point here.  The point is that if you are going to build equipment, or buy it, at least buy industry standard stuff so that when you progress, you will have the experience using the right tools.

That’s the point of this video.  I watched it and came to my own conclusions.  You should do The same.



Hi Steve,

A couple people told me about this being on your site. You know as i do that SP requires a certain basic level of commitment in order to serve the interests of people who want to get the best results. THAT is why I make no bones about what I think about the YUDU. It honors NONE of those things. I agree…people should come to their own conclusions…and conclusions are only as good as ignorance that clouds them, or the information that frees them to be valid. I KNOW from so many years in ALL phases of SP that the Yudu is a toy. I love my trade too much and paid enough dues in it!…to be able to sit back and watch people taken by marketeers. Once people have some right information…it is amazing what that does to the value of their conclusions. Keep up the good work in SP. I believe people should have fun with screen printing. What one can learn before they ever touch a squeegee is what can help insure that it will be more fun and quality in results.


Hey Lee, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

I agree that people need to have all the facts in order to come to an educated decision. That’s why I wanted to put your video up so folks would get an opinion from someone who has years of experience in screen printing and is willing to tell it like it is.

Unfortunately, what the YuDa has going for it, is that it’s easy in the sense that it requires no research or work for the individual wanting to print t-shirts. All you need to do is plunk down the cash and it’s all in one neat package. You don’t need to do any work finding where to buy ink, squeegees, etc. It take no thought on the newbies part.

I am not exempt from this myself. I have taken the easy route and bought “The package deal”, only to find out that now, I need to do the research and get the right stuff.

So, hopefully with great information like your videos, etc. People will take the time to learn sp and stick with it because they are getting good results and not frustrated to the point of quitting.

Thanks again, Lee. And keep the great videos coming!!


P.S. For anyone reading this. If you want to learn screen printing with no bull, Just great info. Check out Lee’s youtube channel.. I have subscribed and watched every video he has taken the time to make. I have paid hundreds of dollars buying dvd’s that didn’t give me the kind of info I got from Lee. So check it out and subscribe, I did!! Click Here

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for posting this article and the video, it really helps a lot when trying to buy a screen printing machine. I agree that before buying any machines you have to determine first the quality and do some research about it and look for reviews.

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Thank you for all the T-shirt printing tips and tricks. Your site is amazing.

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